• A Canadian Wedding

    My dear Canadian mum continues with her generosity!  This time I’m invited to my alter-ego’s Canadian wedding!  While I was only copied onto an email to the wedding designer, I’m still certain they meant to invite me.  Here’s how it transpired… Hi Tamara Just wanted to let you know there are 19 tables including the […]

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  • Another email from my Canadian mum

    For those of you who have been following my previous correspondences, I’ve been receiving wrongly redirected email intended for a Canadian Ryan Minster for a little while now. Every now and then I receive one which I just can’t help but reply to. Here’s the latest one: Hi, I had quoted you $1080usd for this package. […]

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  • My lucky holiday

    For those of you who might recall, earlier in the year I received an email from a Canadian woman who claimed to be my mother.  Well, sort of.  I think she has a son who shares the same name as myself and she emailed me instead of him.  I couldn’t resist, and emailed her a […]

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  • There’s more of me!

    Those who know me well enough will know I have a pretty twisted sense of humour.  Maybe those people would argue that I have something else in place of a sense of humour and hence no sense of humour at all.  So when I received an email that was sent to the wrong Ryan Minster […]

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  • Why I don’t like your new years resolution

    As I drove home this morning it was difficult not to notice the many cyclists on the road. And I don’t just mean around town, there were cyclists miles out from civilization. Seeing it’s the first of the first today, I think I could safely wager that most of these cyclists were at the beginning […]

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