Dragon Cake

One of the great things about being a parent is the chance to make your kids smile.  Over the years we’ve made a real point of spending the extra time and effort to make the kids some really special birthday cakes.  The kidlets all look forward to their birthday as they get to dictate the theme of the cake.  As a self-professed nerd, it was a proud moment when my nine year old daughter asked us to make a purple dragon cake for her.  My nerdiness glowed even brighter when she saw her cake and instantly named it Smaugling!  The exact criteria we were given was that the cake had to have a dragon on top, the dragon had to be purple, and it wasn’t allowed to be too “cute-sy”.  We were given thumbs up on all accounts by the birthday girl!  Here are some pictures…

Dragon Cake 1

Dragon Cake 2

Dragon Cake 3

Dragon Cake 4

The dragon was made of fondant icing.  We used a light purple (almost grey) for the base.  The darker purple was painted on later.  We used a Wiltons food colour which was diluted with vodka for the paint.  (The vodka evaporates, so no kiddies were intoxicated by the cake!)  Lesson learned from the paining was that it can take multiple layers to make the paint dark.  After the first coat I wasn’t impressed at all by the density of the paint.  It took four layers to get the paint to it’s darkest (on the wings and around the eyes).  We also painted on some edible sparkles, though they barely show up in these photos.  In reality they really set the dragon off, giving it a shimmer and the illusion of a little movement.

I think I had more fun with the making of this cake than the kiddies had eating it!  Mmmm… tasty dragon cake!

May 18th, 2016 | Posted in Craft
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