Hiking Goal

I like to have goals.  I also like hiking.  And so…

Current goal is to get the odometer on my GPS to 1550km by the end of 2011.  I had the goal of hitting 550km by the end of 2010 (reached at the start of December).  And so I plan to hike 1000km in the coming twelve months (plus whatever is left of 2010…)

I only count planned hikes, not everyday walking around the house and work etc.  The odo on my GPS will only register outdoor hikes (obviously) and so the 1000km will only be counted from planned outdoor walks.

To put 1000km into perspective, Sydney to Melbourne via road is approx 963km.  Sydney to Brisbane is approx 1010km.

The current progress on this goal is as follows:

Current Progress as of 1-10-11

This goal was completed after 299 days on the 1st October 2011, 92 days ahead of schedule.

EDIT: I’m getting a lot of page hits from people who are searching for a thermometer image for their own sites. Here, you can download my Photoshop CS2 file that I use for this image. Use as you like, but don’t blame me for anything that goes wrong! You’ve been warned… Enjoy.
RJM Thermometer (470)

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