Hike 0023 and 0024

I had a few walks this week, the longest two of which I’ve included in this post.

The first hike is another smaller hike of a longer route. A while back I walked from Ballarat to Haddon along the Ballarat-Skipton Rail Trail. The overall trail is 50km+. It’s a rather relaxed place to walk but a bit busier than I generally like. I’d much rather my walks to be secluded (a good walk for me is one where I can leave the car, walk for the best part of the day and not see another soul. Or even better, not see anyone other than the selected company that I’m walking with). Even so, this track is pretty casual. This walk started at Haddon, and took me to Smythesdale and back.

View 110718Ballarat-Skipton Rail Trail in a larger map

The second hike was from Creswick to Ascot and back. Although I’ve driven these roads numerous times and ridden them on the bike many years ago, I don’t recall ever having walked them before. There is a section of road that has been closed due to a landslide after the flooding rains early in the year, and half of the road has disappeared into the gully below. I could still navigate it easy enough on foot, but the road closure meant that there was very little traffic, which suited me just fine.

View 110717Creswick-Ascot in a larger map

So this week I walked just short of 40km. I’m now over 70% of the way to my annual goal, only 300km short now with five and a half months to go. Should be a piece of cake the way things are going.

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