Hike 0031 – Expanding the web

Today’s hike took me on the start of another longer hike. This time the target is Newstead. In all, it’s not a huge target and should only take me another two or three hikes to reach but still a decent target seeing I’ve originally started in Ballarat. The full extent of roads I’ve walked is starting to look pretty comprehensive. I’ve walked all of the major roads heading north now, as far as Maryborough, Daylesford, Clunes, Learmonth, and now Smeaton. I’ll focus on this Smeaton road now and expand that a bit further.
I’m closing in on my 1000km goal now as well. After today’s walk I have less than 60km to complete now. When I reach the target I think I’m going to have to celebrate with a new pair of hiking boots! The current ones are starting to get a little bare on the treads.

The worn treads

Here’s the map of today’s hike:

View 20110924Cres-Smeaton_23.8km in a larger map

Sep 24th, 2011 | Posted in Hiking

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