Hike 0032 – Finish line in sight

Yesterday I walked from Creswick to Smeaton, a 23.9km round trip. I got back to the car around 6pm, and in less than 13 hours I was walking again. I drove from Ballarat to Smeaton and was walking before 7am today. It was very cool early on; I was wearing a jacket and beanie when I began, but throughout the morning the jacket came off and the beanie was replaced with a sun hat.

This morning’s hike took me from Smeaton (where I finished off yesterday) to Campbelltown, a 30.7km round trip. So in less than 24hrs this weekend I’ve hike more than 54km. The hike today brings me to within 27km of my 1000km target. I’m pushing to finish off within the next two weeks before I get keys to the house I bought recently, as I know once I move in there I’ll be kept very busy with the renovations. So the timeline I’ve given myself has become significantly shorter. I guess my hike updates will soon be replaced with renovation updates…

Here’s today’s hike:

View 20110925Smeatom-Campbelltown in a larger map

Sep 25th, 2011 | Posted in Hiking

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