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Those who know me well enough will know I have a pretty twisted sense of humour.  Maybe those people would argue that I have something else in place of a sense of humour and hence no sense of humour at all.  So when I received an email that was sent to the wrong Ryan Minster around the turn of the New Year, I of course had to reply.  Thanks Ronda Minster, whoever you are.  Here’s a copy of the email I received:

Hi Ryan
What’s doing? I saw liquor in store on the ship. A 1 liter bottle is $31.99 is that a good price. We saw the water show last night and it was truly amazing. Josh met up with Jarod later and spent the rest of the evening with him. Today I just spent in the sun and the weather was gorgeous. Tell Dad I will email him tomorrow. they have 40% off citizen watches tomorrow . Speak to you later.
Love mom

And here’s what Ronda received back:

Uhhh… yeah, hi… Mom?

Wow, $31.99 per litre!  Stock up!  If I were you I’d buy their whole supply and then sell it back to other shoppers at an over-inflated price.  It’s all about supply and demand!  If you’re the only supplier and the other shoppers are thirsty, you’ll make a killing.
I had a bit of a water show last night as well – I found some cheap liquor too and I was up all night.  Still, better out than in, if you smell what I’m cooking.
40% off Citizen watches!  That sounds terrific!  I’d suggest that you bought them all and then on-sold for a profit, but I guess it depends how you go with your liquor venture.  You might buy up big in liquor and not find any thirsty shopper, so you’ll have no money left for watches.  Maybe you could barter your liquor for watches?
And when did you change your name to Ronda???  Does Dad know?
I guess I’ll talk to you soon.  Enjoy the sun, and don’t drink too much of that cheap liquor!
For some reason I haven’t heard back from my new American mom…
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