M-reno Day 057 – Stripping the kitchen wall

What a week!  This week has been one of the most tumultuous weeks I’ve ever experienced.  I’ve had a lot of my focus diverted away from renovating this week, but despite what little else I’ve achieved, I have managed to continue the kitchen preparation.  The below photos show a before and after comparison, as viewed from the entry.

Stripping the dining wall I’m still awaiting the results from my engineering, but once they arrive I have the builder lined up ready to get the rest of the wall out.  The bathroom will come out at the same time, ready for a facelift.  The plasterer has been round for his initial inspection, and before too long things will start to go back together, rather than the current trend of being demolished!

In the meantime here, I’ve continued to prepare the other rooms for repainting.  I’ve been screening plaster through any holes and dints in the walls, and sanding back any rough patches.  Quite soon this place will start to look considerably different… even more than it does already!

Here’s the as-it-happened of me taking out my frustrations on the dining room wall…

Stripping the kitchen wall

  1. Rebecca Moss
    Dec 13th, 2011 at 21:02 | #1

    Got any more walls you need demolished….looks just like the type of therapy I could do with 🙂

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