M-Reno – The Entry, Before and (almost) After

It’s about time for yet another renovation update.  I’ve just put in the glass balustrade in the entry, replacing the gaudy old wooden frame that had stood there since the house was made.  The glass wall still needs a little bit of adjustment and the paintwork underneath needs another coat, but the general feeling of the house has changed considerably.  The tiling will begin next week too, which will give the place another dramatic change.

20th century vs 21st century

After a slight hiatus, things are beginning to move along full swing again.  The garden is basically finished (thanks to some terrific help!) and the inside needs only flooring and lighting, along with a few fiddly details.  The painting has been very time consuming, but again I’ve had some help which has sped things along.  There’s still another coat needed on some skirts and arcs, and a few patches of touch-up needed on some walls.  Generally though, the house looks completely different, and certainly a whole lot better!

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