M-Reno – The Finished Kitchen

Well, it’s taken far longer than anticipated but this renovation is finally nearing completion.  The exterior of the property is ready to hit the market.  I’ve built a deck in the backyard and tidied up the house.  I removed an external door during the renovation and have rendered over the gap this left.  Most of this property was already presentable outside so apart from the deck, my work was minimal.  For a larger job that needed a professional finish I’d have approached a company such as Jayhawk Exteriors to reduce my renovation time and maximize the street appeal of the property.

Inside, the carpet will be laid in less than two weeks so I now have a fixed deadline for my painting.  I’ve been busy changing the stained hardwood skirts and arc into crisp white breaks between the wall and floor/doors/windows.  That alone had visually subtracted about thirty years from the property.  And now that the kitchen is complete the house is a whole lot more comfortable.  Here’s a couple of before/after pics of the finished article.  And excuse the black smudges on the photos, apparently the back of my phone lens needs a clean.  Anyone know how to do that?


So here below we have a classic “spot the difference” picture.  There are five changes between the photos.  Can you spot them all?

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