• Hike 0028 – Creswick to Clunes

    Today’s hike was undertaken pretty much in my childhood backyard. My folks live out this way, and when I was younger I rode my bike around this area quite often. In the warmer months it wasn’t uncommon for me to get up and ride the 14-odd kilometres from mum and dad’s place to Clunes and […]

    Aug 27th, 2011 | Filed under Hiking
  • Hike 0022 – Visiting the past

    Yesterday I continued my Ballarat – Maryborough hike, the fourth walk in this series. This walk took me from Clunes through to the “township” of Dunach. This was a round trip of just over 22km, quite a nice relaxed hike. The landscape on that side of Clunes changes quite dramatically – within the space of […]

    Jul 10th, 2011 | Filed under Hiking, Life
  • Hike 0021

    Yesterday I undertook part three of my Ballarat to Maryborough trek. This walk took me from where I left off last time (in Ascot) through to the township of Clunes and back – a 21km round trip. I started walking at about 7:30am and man was it COLD! When I first started walking I was […]

    Jul 3rd, 2011 | Filed under Hiking
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