• Ahhhh…

    It’s been a while between posts recently.  Things have been a little bit of a blur.  The renovations are still progressing, albeit a little slower than planned.  The Christmas close down has had me waiting on tradesmen, and then the builder I had lined up to remove some walls ended up pulling out on me […]

    Feb 5th, 2012 | Filed under Fun
  • M-reno Day 018 – Start them young!

    Start them young, I say!  This is my 20 month old, who today instinctively picked up a scourer and attacked the wallpaper glue in the sunroom.  Sure, she didn’t get far with it, but I’m impressed she knew to use the scourer on the wall.  (She doesn’t live with me, and to the best of […]

    Oct 31st, 2011 | Filed under Renovating
  • M-reno Day 003

    Ok, I’ve had enough for one night.  It’s been pretty slow going – this vinyl wallpaper is a right pain in the neck.  It’s taken me over two hours to remove six panels of the stuff.  Still, six down, twenty-six to go…  Then I just need to soak the backing and remove that too… This […]

    Oct 16th, 2011 | Filed under Renovating
  • Renovating – First Look

    I get keys to the new house on Friday.  I say new but it’s not really new at all, merely new to me.  I’m really looking forward to renovating again and actually doing something active and useful with my time.  Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed my hiking challenge but it was all very […]

    Oct 12th, 2011 | Filed under Renovating
  • The Stalemate

    This is a bit of an older photoshop image, one that I found in the vault recently and have decided to recycle.  There’s three photos imposed here (the two obvious ones, plus some extra shadows and reflections).  There’s one major flaw though, prizes for the first person to find it!*   *No, there’s not really […]

    Sep 23rd, 2011 | Filed under Photoshop
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